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Welcome to Britten TreeViewer on Dalriada Tomcat

The site will allow anyone to browse the Britten family tree, and registered users only to make alterations and add new information. It is similar to our companion site for the Coleman family tree which can be accessed via treeHome.html?db=ColemanTreeDB The database has just 5 principal tables, which are inter-linked. A good place to start is the latest Britten descendancy chart, which opens in Adobe Reader - use its Marquee Zoom and Hand tools to zoom and pan the chart. Then continue from whichever list you like from the links in the Main Menu below.

TreeViewer on Java
The Britten tree is growing but it is very much a work in progress. So far we have added the bare bones from the trees sketched on the back of Jane's envelopes. Next we will begin to put flesh on the bones and add some more interesting content to the BMD statistics.


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