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 44  Kindrogan 2016-02  star gazing at Kindrogan Field Study Centre with Astronomical Society of Glasgow   
 56  Mull 2018  a family holiday on Mull, August 2018   
 45  Munich 2015  for the opening of Documentation Centre for the History of National Socialism   
 55  Orkney 2017  a family holiday on Orkney, August 2017   
 52  Glendaruel 2016  a long week-end in October, at The Publisher's cottage   
 46  Saddell 2015  a week in October at Ferryman's Cottage  
 53  Applethwaite 2016  a short break in May, at The Millstream   
 48  Pictures from a train  from Glasgow to Mallaig on the West Highland Line, September 2015   

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